This little cat owns my heart

Betty; our exotic, short haired, tortoise shell cat

Betty came to live with us in March 2020 when Toronto went into lockdown from Covid-19.

Betty and her roommate Tiger (Ty Ty) lived at the veterinary clinic where my daughter Samantha works. Due to decreased hours when someone would be at the clinic Betty and Tiger needed somewhere to stay.

Ty Ty and Samantha having a morning cuddle. Notice Ty Ty’s extra toes. He has two extra toes on each front paw.

Samantha and I quickly volunteered to have them stay with us.

Now, almost a year later, Betty and Ty Ty have become permanent members of our household. I can hardly remember what life was like without them.

Best of all, Betty and I have become inseparable. She is always at my side ready for snuggles which I happily supply frequently.

Betty snoozing at my side on the couch.

Betty and Ty Ty’s arrival is definitely the best thing that has come from the pandemic’s lockdowns and changes.

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